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I got banned from posting games for 15 days

2016-12-21 13:28:02 by yummydirt

I got 3 games blammed within a month, and just to clarify, they were blammed within 20 minutes of me uploading them, so I got banned from posting games for 15 days. They were all completely different games. It is really discouraging for people like me who don't have much experience and need feedback. After they blam it I can't read the review of the person who didn't like it. I think that Newgrounds is speeding up its impending death by doing this to new creators. I hope they understand that after everyone on Newgrounds plays all the great and famous games, when they see an inexperienced person they are quick to ask, "Only 2 minutes long? What?", or, "Riddle School was better, NO STARS!" and I think that this is a system that needs fixing. The games that were blammed I spent a long time on and it is hard to get the motivation to try to get better when there is no actual critizism only hating. Please fix this Newgrounds.


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2016-12-21 14:05:25

I agree. If this happens to my first game, I'll just sell it to a company instead. Maybe by the end of 2017, I'll be halfway done making it. I'm being realistic.

yummydirt responds:

What do you mean?


2016-12-21 14:23:28

I'm working on a game. I plan to upload a short demo, stating that it is a demo l. I would place in the Author's comments that I would love for anyone to leave ideas, criticisms and feedback in the reviews. If people on Newgrounds hate on it, blam it, and I'm left without any kind of feedback, fuck them. I could take my work elsewhere and get better opinions and feedback, resulting (eventually) in a sellable game. I hate this generation of entitled shitheads.
And if you want this system fixed, why not ask @TomFulp to make reviews of your blammed content visible to you? I actually think this is a good idea. This should be available to all content creators.

yummydirt responds:

alright then


2016-12-21 20:18:43

These things happened to me too. I have 5 animation that aren't on Newgrounds for some weird reason "It wasn't appropriate." Since when has Newgrounds said anything wasn't appropriate?!?! To be honest, I think you should post your games on some other sites too, because I know half of them won't live here. I am not trying to be mean, and I am just as mad as you are

yummydirt responds:



2016-12-21 20:27:40

One more thing, though. Don't get discouraged. Go back, play the games that got blammed, and see what you can improve. Don't rush to try to get it back up; you can't rush art. That's why some people end up posting glitchy games (that somehow pass judgment).


2016-12-21 20:43:03

Actually, you can read the reviews on the obituaries page. Find your submissions there.

yummydirt responds:

Yeah but it takes forever to find all the info out.


2016-12-30 02:08:05

Uh, no it doesn't? Go to your email, see what day you submitted, and find the same day in obits. Then find your submission, because I'm sure you know what you named it. If that's too hard, making games in general may not be for you.

Also, if you're getting reviews like the above, check the Google Play store. The same goes on, it's just that there, people who (sometimes intentionally) make low quality content get to leave it up there. Here, the UJ exists. If we saved every piece of junk (and we just about do), our servers would be chock full, and we'd be paying out more ad revenue than we could afford (sort of already do), so the scoring system is there to mitigate that. I kind of wish the same could be said for audio and art. There is a lot of spam in both portal that needs flat out removed.

If your submissions are getting removed in 20 minutes, ask yourself these questions:
-did I work hard on my content? (more than 2 hours)
-is there any quality to it? ex: sound, bgm, story, art, etc
-is it only black and white? (these tend to do worse)
-is it stick figures? (these usually make the obit)

So on, so forth. What's separating your games from something like... the old point and click dating sims we used to have, etc. You really don't have to be that great to pass. I've seen people make it through with something as simple as a one frame Galaga clone.

yummydirt responds:

After looking it was someone from the only game I have that didn't get blammed who absolutely hated it and is now rating everything I make low as possible and just saying "I HATE YOU!"


2017-01-02 11:41:39

It's not that people hate you or your games, they dislike that your game submisions lack any effort, do not entertain or have no meaning. I played 2 of your games, including the Rick Astley game you submitted. That 'game' had no game like qualities, there was no purpose or goal. It was literally moving your mouse around with a face attatched to it, something anyone could do in less than 10 minutes on MS paint. Please read the rules for game creation so that you can create a game that will stay within NG's rules and hopefully have some people enjoy them.

yummydirt responds:

Almost all of my games took 13+ hours!


2017-01-02 15:31:30

Gonna be blunt here: your games are shit. They are "functional", but there's zero substance. Play other games that are well received and see what yours lack.

yummydirt responds:

Try coding a game yourself, mate.


2017-01-02 21:59:50

It's difficult. I know. Hard work makes good content.

yummydirt responds:



2017-01-03 17:31:22

I'm sure it can be very discouraging to have your content blammed, especially when you feel you've put so much effort in creating it. I've only ever tried to create a flash game once, and I abandoned it long ago, because at the time I was way in over my head.
If you love making games, keep making games. Regardless of blams or bad reviews, keep going 'cause you'll only get better at it. I just played your submission Rouge Command. So I'll leave my review here.
Simple idea, but it could be fun. Personally I would have preferred if the two colors (light blue/dark blue) were more distinct from each other (like red and green). Even on easy I found it a bit hard to distinguish in time which side I had to knock the balls into.
I did encounter what I think are two glitches in your game. The first time I played it, the paddle knocked the first ball in the right direction, but then after every ball went straight through the paddle until I got "game over" (I haven't been able to replicate this glitch so maybe it was a one off). The other is that selecting continue after a "game over" never reloads. The music plays out, but the "reload" screen never changes.
One more bit of advice (assuming you aren't doing this already). When you're going through other people's submissions, check out the reviews they get. Make a note of the people who leave good, constructive criticism, then when you're submitting new content, PM these people with a link to your submission asking for their opinions. Also never hurts to post in the forum as well. People might not reply straight away, but be persistent. And if the douchebag who leaves the "I HATE YOU" reviews shows up, just report them. :-)

yummydirt responds:

It is telling you to reload the page. And also I do report them.


2017-01-04 15:56:17

Maybe you should try actually putting time into stuff that would be fun for other people than you and two friends, it also helps if you put more than 30 minutes in each game, and try not to spam when posting, otherwise you'll prob get banned

yummydirt responds:

I have been! This is what I have been doing for the last 8 years in my life finally uploaded.


2017-01-05 16:25:52

I'm sorry to hear that - Have you checked The Elite Barracks? http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/387319/1
That's where games get reported. with explication. Even if you don't see your games, maybe you can get the feel.

PS: Had come to check this page because <3 your Snail! GJ! :)


2017-01-08 14:44:54

Anteny... What "Scratch to SSD" have You used? Pleszew answer