I got 3 games blammed within a month, and just to clarify, they were blammed within 20 minutes of me uploading them, so I got banned from posting games for 15 days. They were all completely different games. It is really discouraging for people like me who don't have much experience and need feedback. After they blam it I can't read the review of the person who didn't like it. I think that Newgrounds is speeding up its impending death by doing this to new creators. I hope they understand that after everyone on Newgrounds plays all the great and famous games, when they see an inexperienced person they are quick to ask, "Only 2 minutes long? What?", or, "Riddle School was better, NO STARS!" and I think that this is a system that needs fixing. The games that were blammed I spent a long time on and it is hard to get the motivation to try to get better when there is no actual critizism only hating. Please fix this Newgrounds.